Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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Yeah either a King or a Sanji chapter
Or a Orochi chapter
Or a Kankujou chapter
Fuck it it could be anyone's chapter really
It's Zoro vs King, it can't cut away when Zoro gets a PU, did Oda do that with Luffy or judge's son? :myman:
They clash and then Oda can move to other stuff just like he did with Luffy vs Kaido until we get the Zoro chapters. :cheers:
I'm a huge From Software fan (i know they are extremely inspired by Berserk) and also a Zoro fan (i heard him being compared to Guts by people online a few times)

and now three people said Berserk first

So i guess that's it

But one thing, doesn't it feel kinda weird starting the series that is never gonna end? :josad:

do you guys think it's still worth it?
If you are a From Software fan and a Zoro fan. Berserk is a must. Guts is the GOAT.

Also, you can't have a bad ending if you don't have an ending!


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