What are you looking forward to?

  • Shanks appearing

    Votes: 30 32.6%
  • Kaido getting defeated

    Votes: 8 8.7%
  • Yamato joining the SHs

    Votes: 17 18.5%
  • Sanji and Zoro greatness

    Votes: 37 40.2%
  • Cats

    Votes: 8 8.7%
  • Natalija retiring as mod

    Votes: 6 6.5%
  • Drinking

    Votes: 7 7.6%
  • MonsterZoro retiring as spoiler provider

    Votes: 16 17.4%

  • Total voters
Kanjuro would be so lame and uninteresting...
Yeah at the point anything outside the real Oden would kinda be lame.
We already had a fake Oden stuff with Yamato, their is no a another point to repeat that shit.
Also we see a women who look up for the wounds off the scabbards, in both case neither Hiyori or Toki would teamup with Kanjuro and saying him to do such thing.

In case Onimaru would not work too, I doubt that Hiyori telling Onimaru to transform into Oden to even cut the morals of the Scabbards, they don´t need more moral up, they where already prepared to fight again.
Hiyori asking Onimaru to transform to Oden is like Nami asking Mr.2 to transform into Ace only to joke around with Luffy, imagine how Luffy would feel about such thing, same for Kinemon and co, dude is already crying.
Can you imagine Onimaru doing such things or better, Hiyori allow Onimaru to doo such thing? I think no.
Kanjuro would be so lame and uninteresting...
It also doesn't really make much sense unless Kanjuro had a change of heart (grossly out of character) or was a triple agent all along (lmao). Someone patched the Scabbards up after all. If it really was Kanjuro, why didn't he just slit their throats?

What's worse is that Oda will probably leave us hanging next chapter to focus on something else. :pepehands: