Dogs vs Cats

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The break is over, so I reread last chapters as always, and I realized something: with the last chapter, the topic of "Ice Oni" was closed and I wonder what Oda will want to show us now, because now the situation looks very interesting.

Currently we have:
- King / Quenn / Marco / Tanuki (: D) / X Drake / Apoo / Perospero and the rest, ( Here, one hundred percent, something will happen that will divide this group into several smaller groups).
- Dome / roof,
- Red Scabbards / Oden ???,
- Yamato / Momonosuke / Shinobu,
- Sanji's choice,
- Cp0,
- Nami / Usop / Tama,
- Jinbe vs Who's Who,
- Brook and Robin vs Black Maria,
- Franky vs Sasaki,

If I haven't missed anything, we now have 10 different action plans. I can't wait to see what happens next !!!!

Oda should keep focusing on the Live Floor where:
King, Queen and Pero are probably going to gang up on Marco
Drake and Apoo gotta take a decision if keep fighting each other or join Marco in the battle
Someone gotta save Chopper asap
Yamato is crossing the Live Floor right now
Sanji could appear on the Live Floor anytime, based on his decision
Hawkins trump card

Also give us an answer about Oden/fake Oden
I hope they show this was a family matchup.

I'm tired of motherfuckers saying they "fought" for 3 days normally.
Never make sense in first place, WB crew had at best a Veteran lvl characters and with Oden above that lvl but Oden was on the battle with Whitebeard and Roger, so no one can tell me that Rayleigh(AT LEAST mid top tier if not higher) and Gabban couldn´t defeat few rookies who where at best vet lvl.