Why would Rayleigh be > Scopper?

I mean...First Rayleigh was going to fight Oden with Scopper...
But Scopper ended up doing it alone...In probably 3 entire days and most likely it was a Draw...
I think the three are almost equal...
Being like Rayleigh=Scooper=>Oden...
Scopper looked like he was struggling vs Oden while Rayleigh was portrayed as just casually holding two sword Oden back with one arm.

Mihawk > Prime Ray >~ Kaido > Oden >~ Gabban the most probable statement for now in my opinion.
I think that Kaido got stronger over the 20 years. It’s Kaido >= Mihawk = Prime Ray > Oden >= Kaido 20 years ago >= Gaban
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Gonna add that I wouldn’t be surprised if Prime Ray would beat Kaido but Kaido is slightly stronger. The 1vs1 always bet on Kaido quote makes me thinking this
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Scopper is fighting the undeniable 2nd strongest wb pirate on the island while Ray is dealing with teenage apprentice marco. Marco at this point in his life shouldn't be getting any crazy hype. I mean yea of course Ray should be fucking dominating that shit. The scopper Ray hype was pretty equal in this episode. Scopper getting the stronger opponents but Ray dominating weaker opponents. Can't see how you can start dehyping Gabban and oden and hyping Ray above them. You all know that if Ray vs oden had been shown you would be saying that it proves Ray > Gabban. But now Gabban vs oden is shown and pretty much Noone of note vs Ray and you say Ray > oden and Gabban.