Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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Most long saga arcs in OP have stupendous endings with a great Payoff. The End of Wano is truly going to be exciting. Somethings really to look forward to (the rewards of this massive PoTS saga):
  • Zoro stuff (ZKK?, Lineage, Ryuma Closure, Enma Black Blade)
  • Warlord Bounties
  • Post Reverie Events
  • Sabo/Vivi/Hancock Locations
  • Blackbeard and his big Move
  • Doflamingo and whoโ€™s hunting him
  • Revolutionary Armyโ€™s next move
  • SSG
  • SHANKS big Move
  • Curing Smile
  • Dr. Vegapunk, Greenbull, Fujitora, Coby, Smoker, Tashigi new tech/upgrades
  • Kuma/Jewelry Bonney
  • Kozuki Sukiyaki
  • Strawhat Updated Bounties
  • New Strawhats: Law/Momo/Tama/Yamato?
  • What are the Supernova Captains going to do?
  • Will Apoo/Hawkins be arrested by Marines along with Beast Pirate Calamities/Executives?
  • Will Eustass Kid join the strawhats in a Banquet?
  • Will Eustass Kid also become a Great Pirate?
  • What the current/future state of Wano country will be?
  • Wano Road Poneglyph?
  • Last Road Poneglyph?
  • What is the next island? Elbaf/Lodestar?
  • Writing Poneglyph Language
  • SeaStone Knowledge
  • Devil Fruit Knowledge
  • Updated Tech for Straw Hats
  • Future of Big Mom
  • Future of Beast Pirates/BMP
  • CP0 and their roles