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Bakazuki Bakainu

Getting back into Gintama!
Apparently Vegapunk again may have understood that wrong, but Queen's tech would benefit Franky regardless

Lindberg probably has many other invetions the freezer being one of his latest invention sp he could help Usopp

Yeah have to wait and see what exactly goes down in this chapter, would be even more disappointed if Sasaki didn't even reveal his hybrid form

This is never brought up again since Zou what happened with that Oda? Lmaoooo

I always thought of Wano as a wasted potential, seastone is crafted in various shapes in Wano yet we have never seen it used again since the beginning of the arc when Hawkin's troops used it

Would be dope if Franky makes a seastone shield that can use it for defense and attack. It's sturdy as material and can be used to weaken df users upon contact
Oh damn I never saw your response! Just came across it now randomly lol.

Yeah, I think Lindberg and Usopp could make a really good combo actually, both are inventors.

Lmao right? I think he's genuinely forgotten at this point. Maybe it was that energy sword attack Franky did but surely not just that?

Exactly! I was so hyped to see how seastone was gonna be utilised in Wano and it's become so irrelevant somehow! Same with the Kozukis specialising in carving ponegylphs too! I thought the Oden flashback would divulge (diverge?) into that...Don't even get me started on Toki and her confirmed death also confirming how truly utterly wasted her character was!

OMG, that Seastone Shield idea is so good! I can really picture that! Franky can use it to resist projectiles naturally to get up and close and fight with his sword and also protect himself from swords and the like ofc! But with that seastone aspect as you said, it would be so good vs DF users too! Maybe he could make a round one and use it Captain America style too?

I've seen people suggest Seastone Knuckle Dusters/Gauntlets for him or so but a shield? Now that is really fitting and good! His Shogun could become like a knight then, with a sword and shield?
I don't think Franky's fight is done. Who's-Who will move onto help Black Maria. Inuarashi and Marco will fail against Jack and King, and Jimbei and Zoro will take over for them. Nekomamushi will fail against Perospero (somehow), and Chopper will take over for him.
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