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According to Japanese Theorist & how he uses Chapter Number to find Puns & predict what happens
It seems that in this Chapter, we will finally see Hiyori & also Reaction of Flower Capital Citizens noticing Onigashima approaching & starting to flee

It's basically Kozuki Family Chapter
what did they say about 1023?
what did they say about 1023?
The Number 1023 indicated all of these:

1. Inu & Neko turning Sulong
2. Inu saying that he blames himself for Oden's Death Daily
3. Chapter ending with Mature Momo & Luffy saying let's go back to Onigashima
4. Queen & Sanji's Conversation about Science & Hint that Sanji could be Judge's Masterpiece & not Failture
5. Fire related Info
And much much more

So yeah, Oda definitely loves his Numbers