Thanks to Random 4chan user
>Kaido and Yamato continue their fight and Yamato eventually loses to Kaido
>Kaido about to execute Yamato then Luffy stopped him
>Kaido laughs and says he heard rumors about SH enemies sparing Luffy resulting in their defeat. He said hes not going to make that mistake again and will cut off Luffy's head for real this time
>Kaido and Luffy fight and Luffy goes Gear five: Rubber awakening and attacks Kaido with it
>Kaido laughs and says his technique is just as crude as ever
>Luffy mentions that Kaido looks a bit tired and asks if Yamato is the reason for it
>Kaido sneers at the thought and said Yamato is just as weak as Luffy and the Samurais
>as Luffy attacks he realizes Kaido hasn't attack him yet and just keeps on evading and defending
>Kaido mentions that he knows about the form's limits and he's just waiting for Luffy's gear five to run out so he can one shot him like he did previously
>Luffy then binds Kaido so he can't move and prepares a deadly gomu gomu attack
>Kaido resists the attack and mentions that Luffy's gear five is about to run out
>before Luffy runs out of gear five, Yamato hits Kaido at the back of the head with a more potent version of reimu hakkei that almost knocks out kaido
>Luffy's gear five runs out and releases kaido from the rubber bind
>Yamato then use ragnarok on Kaido while he's on the ground injuring him more
>Yamato then picks up Kaido's club and assumes the Oden nitoryu pose
>Yamato then attacks Kaido with Togen Totsuka with her and kaido's clubs
>Kaido's scar is reopened and he fell defeated on the ground
>Yamato and Luffy sigh a breath of relief
>then Kaido summon his club back to him and starts standing up
>he then says yamato shouldn't admire oden because you shouldnt admire people who are weaker than you and mentions that her strike was way stronger than oden's.
>he then says to yamato and Luffy they can have wano and then flees the battle

These spoilers are so bad, I had a laugh while reading them