Dogs vs Cats

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There is a Pun for Number 1025 which is "Post-Operation" 術後
Indicating that we will get to see a Character who had an Operation/Change recently
Candidates include ---> Zoro (Post-Heal) - Momo (Post-Growth) - Sanji (Post-Raid Suit) - Hiyori (Revealing she Healed Scabbards) - Yamato (Continuation of her Flashback) - Kaido (Finally his Flashback) ... etc

Second Pun is Freedom or Free Self 自由 自己
Which is clearly more of Kaido vs Yamato

Another Pun is derived from 01025, which is "Nephew, Let's Go" 甥レッツゴー
It either Hints toward Luffy & Momo Appearance, or Marco joining them (Since Oden was like his Brother which makes Momo his Nephew) or again, continuation of Yamato's Flashback & Ushimaru

Fourth Pun is "Auto Self/Will" オート自己
Which seems to Hint toward "Permanant or Non-Stop Haki Use" imo
Maybe more Info on Black Swords or Luffy found a way to keep his CoC always Active (Similar to Shanks) so he won't Lose like last time
Or just General stuff about Haki or Willpower

I can continue, but apparently this Chapter is about:
Continuation of Yamato vs Kaido + Arrival of Luffy & Momo + Some Haki Reveal + More Flashback + Possibly Hiyori or Marco appearance (To complete the Momotaro Story Team-Up)
Nonstop haki use huh? Time for Gear 5: Overdrive