Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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Last trash theory of the day. You can calculate the value of a word by adding up all the individual letters, like A= first letter so 1).
Chougma adds up to 68. Chapter 68 of One Piece is titled "The Fourth" and is about Sanji joining the crew during Baratie arc.

In addition, that second image, which chougma was an additional hint to, depicts a dude in black (Sanji RS??) dancing with a lady (+ swirly pattern).

+ Vegapank hint about combustion = Sanji powerup + RS chapter?? :vistalaugh: I'm out before losing my mind.


What do you mean by mirror image
I am solver man like everyone else.... I dont know more than I wrote.... mirror image ... whose?? I dont know... I am trying to figure out all the things and will comment whatever I have...
I am not spoiler provider mate... but I can say this much that water mountain image is for reflection/mirror image... something exactly same....
I’m all for a good conspiracy theory, but I’d like to see some backup on this before I decide whether or not I wanna entertain this notion.
It's not a conspiracy theory, I myself don't believe in conspiracy theories, but I know a lot about "intelligence agencies" since I know people who once were in "KGB" most of them are in their 70s right now. "Intelligence agencies" have always had their saying in the media, especially in the movies and "news tv." Controlling the narrative is not a new thing, it depends which agenda the "state" has. Back in the "cald war" it was common for the CIA=Hollywood to print movies with narratives such as: Russians bad, Communism=genocide, Russians are scary etc. You know, there's thing called "soft power" you should read about.