Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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Oda has both the cards open IMO.
Shiryu & Blackbeard have lots of parallels to Zoro & Luffy with the way they met etc. That would make Sanji vs Burgess a matchup.
At the same time if Burgess gets the Diamond fruit, I can also see Zoro fighting Burgess and cutting Diamond which was forshadowed in Alabasta. That would mean a Sanji vs Shiryu fight where both the combatants can turn invisible and the plot involving Sanji and Absalom's fruit can be played.
Let's see which route Oda goes though.
that sounds so thrilling 2 dudes turning invisible and hiding from each other,what a fight


Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.
this just shows how zoro is above sanji since he is a supernova:kobeha:
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And Zoro cutting Diamond, which will probably be enhanced with full body armament or something. That would be an epic fight as well.
Zoro will fight Shiryu in a swordsman duel that clown burgess will fight sanji


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Burgess is a monster. Dude stands out the most among BB pirates after the Rain; he's gonna be hella strong the next we see him.
Thank you ! People are acting as if the rest of the BBPs couldve done better against Sabo. Only BB would beat Post Mera Sabo.

Blackbeard Pirates are supposed to be scummy L takers, who rely on Df powers and trickery. Burgess takes after his Captain. And once he gets a good DF for his already good base stats he’ll be a monster.

Burgess and Sabo were literally the only ones who stood out in the collesum in the final. Their battle had the whole collesum shaking. Then Sabo ran away and decided to eat the fruit.
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Welcome back @Chrono! I hope you had a good break.
Thanks a lot. I sure did !