Dogs vs Cats

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Symbol of Despair
Burgess is a monster. Dude stands out the most among BB pirates after the Rain; he's gonna be hella strong the next we see him.
Thank you ! People are acting as if the rest of the BBPs couldve done better against Sabo. Only BB would beat Post Mera Sabo.

Blackbeard Pirates are supposed to be scummy L takers, who rely on Df powers and trickery. Burgess takes after his Captain. And once he gets a good DF for his already good base stats he’ll be a monster.

Burgess and Sabo were literally the only ones who stood out in the collesum in the final. Their battle had the whole collesum shaking. Then Sabo ran away and decided to eat the fruit.
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Welcome back @Chrono! I hope you had a good break.
Thanks a lot. I sure did !
It is fun to see how a few weeks ago some Zoro fans trashtalked King cause they hoped he is the enemy of Sanji. And in the moment he got the enemy of Zoro, the same people try to wank him as > Kaido. Very fun to watch.
I mean it’s a normal behaviour I guess. Every fan base is overhyping his loved character
Some more than others though
some Zoro fans downplayed King and some Sanji fans overhyped him to Big Mom’s lvl.
Now they say King = Queen and some Zoro fans hype King.