Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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Kaido will be defeated by the worst generation members thus fulfilling oden's prophecy
Well Luffy is gonna beat him and Zoro is gonna kill him :goyea:
Luffy vs Kaido - Part 4
Sanji defeats Queen
Zoro defeats King

Kaido defeats Luffy for the fourth or fifth time.
Wings go to the roof, Sanji worried about giant dragon Momo, and Zoro wanting a better fight against Kaido
Yamato sees Zoro and he reminds her of the Nameless Samurai
Sanji and Zoro do shit against Kaido, with Yamato shook at their AP
Sanji’s new PU burns up Kaido making him feel heat hes never felt before
Zoro gives Kaido a new scar
Kaido is shook Luffy’s underlings are so strong.
Kaido attacks them both
Sanji falls down because he was fighting all night long without rest
Zoro and Kaido have a fight
Zoro gives him more scars
Kaido beats him at the end and acknowledges him as a Monster Samurai
Luffy wakes up and goes round 5 or 6 with new gear form
Luffy defeats Kaido and Momo saves Wano

Every fandom wins
Adding Zoro kills Kaidou at the end and you are on point :beckmoji:


Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.
Exactly, and Queen has always been there :finally::finally::finally::finally::finally:

King keeps his underlings close
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Yh !!
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Thats like the exact opposite of what Oda potrayed him as.
He has just started getting portrayal hes about to show why kaido only took king with him to fight shanks
btw whats your take on this yall

The sequence of dreams of the east blue SHP getting fulfilled is the order they declared them before entering Grandline

Imo ot chronologically makes sense.. we recently got chapters concerning REDLINE
and after Shanks interaction .. luffy becomes PK then Zoro vs Mihawk.. after the final war which will be a major push for zoro
then after everything is set and done Ussop achieve's his dream and at the end Nami's venture to other seas to draw their geography.

what do you all think