The problem with fire as a hint is that everyone uses fire in One Piece these days. It could be diable jamble, it could be King's fire, it could be Kaido or Momo, it could be red roc or something like it, it could be Marco, it could be the return of Kinemon, it could even be hyogoro or something or another Ace flashback. Could refer to Big Mom as well. Fire doesn't actually narrow it down at all.
Toei is wasting whole of budget in animating Zoro and Sanji, while they make Luffy look like a joke. Fuck Toei.
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Ulti and page one fight was so ass
I wouldn't worry about that, Kaido is going to be asleep for like 20 minutes between Luffy hitting him and Zoro and Law leaving the rooftop considering how the pace will be when that happens
Maybe zoro is just someone who has ryuma's will?

And sanji is gonna have a character arc where he learns that with great power comes great responsibility or something like that

That's the only ways one piece won't end like Naruto
I heard that Suck D. Balls is the new MC. Luffy is dead. Zoro and Sanji will survive and they will open a new KFC because they’re the wings