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  • Shanks appearing

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  • Kaido getting defeated

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  • Yamato joining the SHs

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  • Sanji and Zoro greatness

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  • Cats

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  • Natalija retiring as mod

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  • Drinking

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  • MonsterZoro retiring as spoiler provider

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Peroroncino: Will zoro fans be happy with this chapter?
Labrent: True Zoro fans? Yes

oof:kobeha: he bolded the 'true zoro fan' part too, oof:kobeha:

Y’all know what he means by “true zoro fan” right.....
he’s talking about a fan like TDA who are vehemently against the idea of anything ZKK or Zoro fight Kaido, and very much support Zoro being put “in his place” in the “pecking order” as #2 who fight #2 villain only (even though Zoro already fought Kaido once).

But still, both Zoro fans and “true zoro fans” alike can enjoy Zoro fighting/beating King:choppawhat:so for only true zoro fans to like this chapter?...:shame:
You are fapping / overthinking to much on fake hints coming from a non- spoiler provider