Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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I really like Morj, but I think he and a lot of guys here vastly overestimate Oda (to be more precise: the complexity of OP).

It's a standard shonen manga, nothing more.

Oda is applying the same old arc structure he has used for 20+ years here:

1. Arrive at the new island.
2. Split up, have some short adventures, meet the locals and learn about the problems on the island.
3. Face the enemies for the first time and suffer some kind of "defeat".
4. Flashback about some local hero.
5. Rebound and regroup, preparing to go for the final battle.
6. Some big overlaying threat that threatens to kill the entire island is introduced (nuke in Alabasta, Advent of Thunder in Skypiea, Buster Call in EL, Shinokuni in PH, Birdcage in DR etc.)
7. Final fights are being set up.
8. SH crew beats their opponents.
9. Luffy beats the main villain in a long fight.
10. Everyone regenerates, then they celebrate and leave the island.

It has been the exact same thing here in Wano.

This isn't some great or complex work of literature.

It's a fucking shonen manga and Oda isn't Shakespeare or GRRM. He is using his usual arc blueprint once again - the raid is going through.

If you like that rather "simplistic" writing style or not is written on a different piece of paper ...
Sabaody and Marineford are the only reasons I'm expecting something different as vain as that is post TS especially. But yeah that's completely true otherwise ofc. Oda has his formula he loves to stick to viciously, just like other Shonen series.

And to be fair, the Sabaody incident and thus Thriller Bark ended up being downplayed due to Kuma turning out to be an ally ironically and working for Luffy's father.

At least Ace is still dead for now though....for now....

Well said anyway, couldn't have said it better myself!

Unfortunately, it makes sense. The F6 got action panels with Strawhats. Inu and Neko aren't maim characters, so it makes sense they don't receive full chapter focus for their fights. Not to mention Peros has been a joke in relevance to Sulong Carrot/Wanda and inadvertantly Sanji, plus Jack already technically was defeated.

Just being pessimistic here. If I were Oda and I were trying to get to a particular point in the story but had to end other plotlines, I would certainly choose Peros, Jack and Fukurokuju ending before anything else. Apoo and Hawkins are technically more important, and probably will go down (if they do) before King and Queen.

There is certainly a hierarchy of relevance here
If Neko really is the one to beat Perospero, I think that would be Oda’s worst writing decision in Onigashima. Carrot is the one who has, by far, the most narrative and emotional connection to the avenging Pedro plotline. Carrot is the one who is supposed to be a rising star, not Neko. I’m not even a fan of Carrot or a supporter of her joining the crew, but her not being the one to beat Perospero is nonsense. Neko beating Perospero would be another “Arya Stark kills the Night King” moment in that a character who has, at best, a loose connection to the enemy is the one to beat the enemy, instead of the obvious choice (Jon Stark and Carrot). I’m hoping that, since Pero won his last fight due to the moon being blocked out, he learns from that experience and beats Neko by blocking out the moon
Lmfao his video was dog shit

His point was completely irrelevant
No one said zoro would kill a beaten kaido on the floor
That was his only argument lmfaooooo

Kaido will be up and in dragon form above the capital.
Ok. So then you believe that Zoro will land the final blow to finish Kaido and not Luffy?

I’m pretty sure his argument was that you can either 1, believe that Zoro will land the final blow on Kaido instead of Luffy which in his opinion is very unlikely. Or 2, kill a Kaido that was already defeated by Luffy which would be pathetic in his eyes.