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One Piece Chapter 1027

- Luffy vs Kaido at the start
- Luffy goes Boundman and starts using Adv CoC. Kaido’s clashes with a named attack
- We some of Zoro vs King and Sanji vs Queen
- It seems King has gone Hybrid now, he attacks Zoro with his beak and Zoro blocks it with his swords…..and they fly into a building
- Sanji blocks 2 of Queen’s tendrons, but he gets bitten and gets smashed into a wall
- Hawkins vs Killer continues
- Killer is too afraid to kill Hawkins, since that would hurt Kidd, so he tries to run away. Hawkins chases him and smashes him to the ground with a straw doll and ties him up with straws
- He then sinisterly laughs and stabs himself in the stomach
- Kidd is about to land a hit on Big Mom, but he falls to the ground
- Big Mom laughs and calls him too weak for her. She is about to finish him off, but Law teleports him away
- Law looks up and then Big Mom slashes them with a Napolean attack. They both get sent flying and Big Mom walks away laughing, seemingly defeated them
- However when she looks around she is surronded by CP0 agents.
- Chap ends with Big Mom question who they are
Boy if you don’t stfu :seriously:


Naruto lost Kurama
Sasuke lost his Rinnegan
Boruto is still the MC and is save in Konoha again

Current Villains are 3 Cyborgkids(Code,Daemon and Ada).All of them are as strong as Jigen and without limiter(not showed for now) even stronger

Daemon has a super broken ability
Daemon's ability kinda mimic Ishida's antithesis from Bleach, ain't it?