Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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Ghostly Reflections

RIP Meat Loaf. Legendary singer.

Your username is a sin.

*Dies to a magma fist attack*

Back in the day, Bonney connection with Linlin was just to be confirmed canon. Everything was there and fitting. But then we had Lola :kayneshrug:
Yeah honestly it's really weird. Lola existed way before Bonney even and Oda was setting up Big Mom as far as as her. I thought Bonney would be pivotal for WCI given her connections and thus it would be her arc as a SN too, being an ally to the SHs, at least reluctantly maybe or something (like Kid and Law)?

I feel like Oda changed his plans for Bonney for whatever reason. It's even more insulting that he added that she's from "Sorbet Island" which Sorbet is a food ofc and yet she still canonically has nothing to do with Big Mom confirmed so far, it's like he's rubbing it in now, trolling us lol.

Or maybe it's gonna be explained at Elbaf somehow? I wonder if her and Whitebeard ever hooked up back in the Rocks days and Bonney might be their secret child? Weevil is not Whitebeard's son but Shiki's maybe and Bonney is WB's real child with Big Mom? Wouldn't Elbaf be the perfect way to tie all of that together then?

I know I'm probably speculating in vain here though with Oda ofc lol, wishful thinking and all that.