What are you looking forward to?

  • Shanks appearing

    Votes: 30 32.6%
  • Kaido getting defeated

    Votes: 8 8.7%
  • Yamato joining the SHs

    Votes: 17 18.5%
  • Sanji and Zoro greatness

    Votes: 37 40.2%
  • Cats

    Votes: 8 8.7%
  • Natalija retiring as mod

    Votes: 6 6.5%
  • Drinking

    Votes: 7 7.6%
  • MonsterZoro retiring as spoiler provider

    Votes: 16 17.4%

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Who tell you that I don't like boobs?! I love to squeeze boobs, love to suck em and fuc* em, But that only avaible in real world, that the problem dude.
Fanservice is everywhere in japanese manga, ofc. BUT thing is that there exist fanservice that didn't ruin plot and characters. Like did you see girl that let you squeeze her boobs without even kiss her? I mean there are girls like that, but you usually call em sluts or prostitutes. Case that is not normal behavior. That just saying how low she is...basically trash person.
So...the fact that these was showed already at the very beginging just saying in what character she will turn later. Someone dare to compare this trash to Rave Master. Rave Master has fanservice ofc, it's Mashima work...but it is good, while this is bad. Litteraly same thing as comparison between eating in restoran or eatng from trash can on the street.
I'm almost up to date with the edem zero manga and I dont remember the fan service ruining the story unless you are very averse to fan service as a whole. Mashima does it a lot, true, and bless his heart for it, but its better than Fairy tail imo since at least the main girl, who also gets the most fan service, is actually useful as fuck and the most broken character together with the MC, and not just a piece of meat like Lucy was for 90% of the series

Same goes for the other main girls

but dont get me wrong, Eden zero is EXTREMELY mediocre, it takes too much stuff from one piece(more than fairy tail in fact), theres a bunch of rehashed designs and even its original stuff is lacking a lot of depth to it, but I wouldnt call it straight up trash like I would fairy tail or seven deadly sins (towards the end). Also you fucked up by watching the anime, the manga at least has some really nice art from time to time while from what I've seen from the anime its all very mediocre
Well I stop talking with someone who gives me no arguments :virusprot:
Luffy has been coaching and grooming Momo regularly. Most recently, coaching Momo through his fear of flying, into biting Kaido, and making him recognize his role and responsibility as the leader of Wano, and someone who must face down his enemies and win for those he cares about.