What are you looking forward to?

  • Shanks appearing

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  • Kaido getting defeated

    Votes: 6 7.7%
  • Yamato joining the SHs

    Votes: 15 19.2%
  • Sanji and Zoro greatness

    Votes: 30 38.5%
  • Cats

    Votes: 8 10.3%
  • Natalija retiring as mod

    Votes: 4 5.1%
  • Drinking

    Votes: 7 9.0%
  • MonsterZoro retiring as spoiler provider

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1) What are you talking to me about? Luffy didn't even know what an alliance was, and is still being silly asking law if he was going to betray him.
Oh Luffy knows....he treats them as friends doesn't mean he doesn't know...infact more than Law, it is Luffy and co who benefitted most from the alliance....he was with Bege and doesn't give a shit when Bege wants to poison BigMom and even went along with it.....

2) It's not a development, Luffy has always been like this from the start (Nami, Robin, ...)
That tells even more that Luffy is "mature" since the beginning....he knows the core problem of the situation.....what more do you want....lemme tell you, if you want Luffy to be some kind of making "clever/strategic" plans, then you don't get that sort of "mature development"...infact it is out of character......

3) Luffy has always wanted to protect his friends even if it means keeping them away from the enemy, it's not the first time he's done it
Well....again like I said above.....situation is gloomy where one of Luffy's friend has been dead infront of him.....and Luffy didn't lose his cool and didn't forget his responsibility......

4) This is to be the only time Oda really showed a development of his main character, otherwise it's still the same and even like that 30 chapters later he becomes stupid and "screw up" the infiltration
Well, situation is different...though I kinda agree with you but anyways Zoro too got angry not just Luffy......anyways, Oda chose this way to move the plot......

In the same raid, even after he was defeated by Kaido, Luffy relayed message to samurai not to stop the fight...and even SH knew that he was going to be fine....

At the end of the day, Luffy goofs up most of the time as long as he is with his crew or with someone he can absolutely trust and rely on his crew for many things....but only becomes serious when it is in utmost need....