Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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I'd dig it. Still pissed Chopper really never used the new horn point since FI.

Mixing forms is such a cool aspect, I hope Oda does do something like this going forward.
I know right and honestly Kung Fu point is so bad like holy shit I can't believe that was one of the forms that came out of the time skip

The original points were badass. His heavy point looks like if hulk was a furry his kungfu point is a joke.

Horn is pretty okay and controlling monster point is cool and all

But the biggest sin is his new hat. The og hat looks much better and makes him look less kid like
Chapter 1028 title: Switch
- We switch to another place called Suck D. Balls Island. Now it’s known as Laugh Tale
- We see a shadow, this mysterious person has big balls
- mysterious person: the will of D. is carried by my big balls
- Will of D = Will of Dick
Now Oda is going to change the ending, since you guessed it correctly