Lazy is the way
She already said it was a gamble, but she knows the stuff about the 20 years into the future, how Momo and company should reappear, then 20 years happen, and foreigners arrive into Wano opposing Orochi and Kaido, including Zoro who was good enough to save her and Toki, so it makes sense she would connect the dots.
It's a stupid gamble. When you are in this situation and you hid for years and years you don't take that kind of gamble. Plus yeah Zoro is a foreigner, that doesn't mean he is 100% an ally. The guy helped her once that's it. It doesn't mean that Zoro was 100% with them. What would have happened if Zoro wasn't a true ally, or betrayed her later etc ?

It's an insult to Kawamatsu and Kyoshiro who protected her for 20 years.

She didn't wait a little bit and didn't try to learn informations about him, why he was here etc, no she took a gamble with very very little informations ? yeah its bad
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What the hell is level up supposed to be? Gear 5th? It can’t be it’s too soon right
It just show me one thing if he really pull out G5.
They can "beat" down Kaido in the next two chapter, Onigashima get stopped to fall because of Momo and then we getting a Kaido flashback and boom awakening, then Kaido will look even more beastly....

Happy for Luffy hype, he recently get many hate comments, so better for a Luffy hype chapter.
Really interesting though that Oda directly show up Luffy powerup, usually he end up others fights before starting seriously with the endboss fight. Kinda like how Oda change his system for this arc, usually after Black Maria, the other calamity should get defeated one after the another which Oda do most times in the past.

However it clearl show thhat Oda is leading to a special key moment who happening soon.