Bakazuki Bakainu

The Seventh Wonder.
Seriously though, Luffy bites into his arm like that for Gear 4th right? For Boundman at least?

Spoilers for Stampede:

Luffy combined Gears 3rd and 4th or something and made a "Triple King Kong Gun"? He inflated his KKG in the style of Gear 3rd from what I've heard? I've not fully watched it but that's what I heard?

Maybe Luffy could be doing this vs Kaido?^
And the most obvious detail, sanji only called Nami with the honorific "San", and Nami only calls sanji with an honorific

To be honest even though I don't care about ships and all that shit, sanji ending up with Nami seem like the most likely couple, heck even toei ships them, these fuckers even spoil Manga readers so I wouldn't be surprised if sana happend by the end of the story
The only way Nami and Sanji are ending up together is if Sanji transitions to a woman