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Cover of the Volume 10089:

Cover message:
The number 10089 comes from the pronunciation of Expo in Japanese. OP currently has 93 volumes, so if we’re publishing 4 volumes a year, the other 9996 volumes would take 2499 years.
Nothing is impossible in this world!!
I can do it!!
Volume 10089!! Begins—!!

I can’t!!

The designs of the Supernova ships, translated by Artur:

special thanks to @Yasu for finding my old translations so it's easier for me to revised it!
Top Secret Notes of “One Piece Stampede”:
【Life of Douglas Bullet】
“One can only be the strongest when one’s alone!!”
“I’m strong because I’m alone!!”
The “Demon Heir” that seeks an independent strength. Let us unveil the sublime life that created this pitiful yet formidable man...!!

Age 0(45 years ago):
•Born in the “Country Where Wars Never End” in the “Grand Line”
•For his father is a soldier of an enemy state, he was abandoned by his mother early on and became an orphan.
•Found and raised by “Galz Force”, the army of a hostile garrison state “Galzburg”.

【The「GF」on his Armband】
Bullet was found by the Galzburg army “Galz Force”, and so the 「GF」on his armband represents Galz Force, the group he used to work for.

Age 1~8 (44~37 years ago):
•He was strictly trained as a child soldier under a commander of “Galz Force”, Douglas Gray, and he was only given the minimum amount of supplies to live.
•His main tasks were to be used as a “sacrifice piece”, such as walking through minefields as vanguard, and participating in missions that require him to carry a bomb and blaze a trail.

【Origin of His Name】
In the army they called all the child soldiers, who were treated as pellets, “Bullet”. They also organize the child soldiers with number, Bullet is “Number 9”, and his Commander’s name is Douglas. “The 9th Bullet of the Douglas Squad”...That was the origin of his name, Douglas Bullet.

•They have the reward system in which the person who earns the most feats of war on the battlefield will be rewarded with a Medal(service ribbon).
•As a child who was not given anything aside from weapons, Bullet’s desire to get the“Medal” grew stronger everyday.
•There can only be one winner of the Medal. With his genius-like combat abilities, Bullet was very active on the battlefield up to the point that he almost achieved his goal, however, due to the betrayal of his comrades, he failed and was severely injured.
“You’re way too strong...! Monster...!”
The reason for this betrayal was “Bullet’s strength”. He was even persecuted by the child soldiers who grew up in the same environment as him.
•He rounded up all the child soldiers who betrayed and persecuted him, and seized the medal. He realized that the reasons for his failure were his carelessness, pride and his weakness to believe in his allies.
•Supplies, tactics, strength... Bullet, after learning from his failures, uses all of them for “his own victories” without any hesitation, he earned the Medal one after another.
He remains undefeated.

Age 9~13 (36~32 years ago):
•Demonstrating his “strength of one”, he’s an unparalleled hero on the battlefield. He became the strongest child soldier.
•The more he wins, the more he can act as he likes. He felt a sense of fulfillment and that he’s truly alive; he felt that he’s free.
•Being strong allows him to survive and gifted him with freedom. He begins to have this feeling that being strong is his reason for being alive.
•One day on the battlefield, when he reached his limit due to exhaustion and hunger, he discovered and ate a devil fruit, the “Gasha-Gasha Fruit”. He survived because of that and his strength became even more unwavering.

Age 14 (31 years ago):
•Thanks to the effort of Bullet, the hero of the war, the victory of his country is drawing closer.
•Bullet’s commander Douglas Gray was promoted to General because of Bullet’s feats.
•For his own benefits, General Douglas treated Bullet with special care.
“Bullet, I think of you as my own son...!
After we win this war, I’ll welcome you into the upper officials of the army, I’ll release you from this bloody battlefield that’s full of discipline! You can lead a rich life away from the battlefield. You’ll have true freedom!”

【Establishing the Identity of an One Man Army】
Bullet served in the army until he was 14, he was called a hero for his feats that can match thousand. He fully understands that “One treasure can only be obtained by one person”, and as he grows, he established his identity of believing that “One can only be strong when one’s alone”.

•The General’s flattery was something Bullet dreams of
“Away from war, a life of freedom...”
•Bullet departs for the final battle that will decide the outcome of the war.
•Thanks to Bullet, they forced the enemy’s army to surrender. Just when he thought they won, he was surrounded by the army of his country.
“Your strength will eventually threaten my position...!”
In order to kill Bullet, General Douglas had betrayed him.
•The betrayal of General Douglas, the first person that he wholeheartedly trust, and the disappointment of the new freedom that vanished before him, those combined made him furious and despite being driven to the brink of death, he went on a rampage.
•His own strength that he obtained through training was the only thing that didn’t betray him. He ended the war and destroyed his own country and its army.
•Since he destroyed a country, the World Government began to go after him. Bullet set sail out to sea by himself as a pirate, seeking battlegrounds.

Age 15 (30 years ago):
•Bullet roamed the sea searching for battles, he was undefeated.
•He met Roger and challenged him, he lost. He challenged Roger a number of times, but it all resulted in his defeat. Bullet suffered his first series of defeats in his life.
•Apparently, Roger's strength is different from ,“One’s strong because one’s alone,” what Bullet has developed. Bullet continued to attack Roger's ship with the desire of wanting to find out the identity of Roger’s strength and more than anything, he doesn’t want to keep losing.
•During the days of Bullet’s challenges, Roger faced all of them head-on and Bullet never managed to win. One day, Bullet lost after giving all he’s got, he then swore to Roger,
“One day I’ll defeat you and become the strongest in the world...!”
Roger laughed “Come at me anytime”.

【Joining Roger Pirates】
Bullet, who’s always been alone, met someone who’s stronger than him for the first time. He admired Roger. Bullet, who has made a “friend” for the first time, decided to aboard his ship while claiming that he’s just a “challenger”.

Age 17 (28 years ago):
•being called the “Demon Heir” of Roger Pirates
•Bullet was shocked when he learned about Roger’s incurable disease.

Age 18 (27 years ago):
•Upon learning the upcoming time of Roger’s death, he became impatient that he might not fulfill his oath. That impatience led to him having doubts.
•Eventually, he developed the idea of “I have to protect my friends” , and he begins to hesitate when making decisions during battles. He thinks that he’s becoming weaker.
•He began to question Roger’s “strength”.
Roger is as strong as a demon when he’s fighting for his friends. The essence of that is the result of demonstrating an extraordinary resolve by being alone and putting himself in danger. However, on the other hand, Bullet realized that Roger’s idea of "protecting my friends" gets in his way, and he can’t go all out. Bullet thought he expected, the existence of friends makes strength imperfect.
•Bullet believes that he cannot surpass Roger by staying with them. He have to corner himself more...
•He challenged Roger one last time, he put up a good fight but he still lost.
Bullet: “Kill me...!”
But as usual, Roger responded: “Come at me again anytime”
Bullet got off the ship and made a name for himself as a rookie after his independence.

Age 19 (26 years ago):
•Fought against Crocodile, who’s a rookie at that time, no result.

Age ??:
•Roger’s subordinate made a “Eternal Pose” pointing to “Laugh Tale”. However, after Roger found out what they did he threw it in the ocean. Then it was eaten by a sea king.
•The Great Pirate Era starts as Roger’s being executed.
•What can he do to surpass Roger, who’s now dead. A dilemma that you can never win against those who have died. As if trying to get rid of his hesitation, he goes on a rampage on the sea.

【The Wound on His Left Shoulder】
The tattoo-like wound on his left shoulder is like a medal to Bullet. He got it during his first “Buster Call”.

Age 22 (23 years ago):
•The Marine uses “Buster Call” to corner and capture the rampaging Bullet.
•Even though Bullet fought fiercely, he eventually wears out. Then he was attacked by the pirates whom he had defeated before, that became the decisive factor of the battle and Bullet was finally arrested. He was then imprisoned in the underwater prison Impel Down.

Age 23~43 (22~2 years ago):
•During the 20 years in Level 6 of Impel Down, he concentrates and continues his training silently.
•He made a decision after being distressed about what he should do to surpass Roger.
“I will surpass Roger and become a King of the Piartes that’s the world’s strongest ”
Doesn’t matter whether it’s the Four Emperors or the Marine Admirals, he has decided that he’s going to kill all those who are strong in the world. He thinks that it’s the proof of being the strongest, something that even Roger couldn’t accomplish. He plans to accomplish that goal with his perfected “strength of one”.
•Just when he was finishing up the training for perfecting his strength, the prison break commotion started by the “Strawhat” and “Blackbeard” happened. Taking advantage of the commotion, Bullet escaped.
•grasp the current situation of the Sea
• After learning about Whitebeard’s death and that he died protecting his subordinates, he’s convinced that his belief is correct.
•He found the man that was supposed to be dead after being eaten by a sea king, Festa. They obtained Roger’s treasure for his ambition of becoming the world’s strongest, and start working on the plan to seize the Buster Call and kill all of the pirates.

Age 44~45 (A year ago~Now):
•Hiding, preparation stage
•“Pirate Festival” starts
As the proof of his determination to show that he’ll surpass Roger and become the strongest, he puts on a military uniform that represents his origin.

Monkey D Luffy X Douglas Bullet
「The Different Beliefs that Fiercely Clashed Against Each Other」

“I’m strong because I’m alone!!”
•The only thing he believes is his own strength!
To surpass and obtain all with his own strength!
•To perfect his strength and surpass Roger and become the strongest in the world!
•Doesn’t matter whether it’s the “Four Emperors” or the Marine Admirals, he plans to kill all those who are strong in the world. Only by doing this, something that even Roger didn’t accomplish, can he obtain the proof of being the “The Pirate King that’s Strongest in the World” !

“I’m strong because I have friends!!”
•He trusts his friends and his friends will add to his strength!
•He risked his life while fighting for Usopp
→As a result, the seeds Usopp left behind aids them in the battle
•He trusts the six people he fights with, and entrusted his life to them while fighting.
→As a result, they formed a united front never seen before and became the power that defeat the giant Bullet.
•“Possess more freedom than everyone else”, that’s the King of Pirates
Last Scene Suggestion

A scene before they disband

(That Eternal Pose might be real)
Roger: “Is this a joke!!! You recorded it on an Eternal Pose”
Member of the Roger Pirates: “It’s to be safe, what if someday we need it...!!”
Roger: “what if? There’s no what if.
Our adventure is over”
Member of the Roger Pirates: “But...what if...”

(*as silhouettes)
On the deck of Oro Jackson

【Include the following conversation somewhere in the first half of the movie:
“Didn’t Festa got eaten by a sea king and died?!” “It seems like he survived”】

(*No need to even draw the silhouette of Buggy)

Roger: “That’s not a treasure that can be obtained by someone who has to rely on this, right?”

Roger’s only goal is to have adventures; the story of the 2 monsters that failed to understand that, is stampede.

The Eternal Pose being thrown out to the sea

Member of the Roger Pirates: “Ah—!! Now we can never go there again~~~!!!”
Roger: “We were...too early”

It sinks

Rayleigh: “ ‘One Piece(The Great Treasure in One Piece)’ huh... I wonder who’ll find it...”

Swallowed by a giant fish(a sea king)

Roger: “No doubt it’ll be my son!!”
Rayleigh: “You don’t have one”
Roger: “I’ll in the future!!!”
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a little late, but does anyone have a translation on the history of Buena Festa from 10089. I couldn't find anything. Translation apps wont work xD. I see the time indication: "50 years ago", "50 to 35 years ago", "25 years ago", "15 years to ... ago", and "this year". I could make photos of those sites. Maybe someone has informations, would be great. Thanks