Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
Lol sound you are not really want to bet. Beside we both believe zoro will kadio thing or kadio will die.
‘My bet is Kadio will die on July 2022 or Semptember.
‘Pick any month to bet on it.
but I dont know when it will finish this arc. Can be oda will be three week with kaido past.
In the end, if zoro doesnt kill kaido I will use akainu as avatar.
I like Akainu
The start of the hint piece was always a bad idea. It becomes like a drug to expect vague hints on a particular day. Makes the person less productive and attentive throughout the day and may lead to health issues if they stay awake longer than they need to. Not to mention, the countless hours that accumulates from waiting on spoilers.

Don't know what spoiler providers get out of this anyway and summaries are no different tbh. It ruins Oda's product by spoiling people before the chapter. Mind you, I read them both but I understand that this is not right and hope to just stop reading them all together.

Is there a power trip to it? Being able to receive adoration from individuals for posting spoilers to another person's hard work?

If you truly love Oda and One Piece, at least give individuals to read the chapter without being spoiled. And if you truly like the people here and other places who await spoilers then just tell them you all are done spoiling them because you'd like for them not to waste their time and also lessen the experience they could have reading it unspoiled. Just end it.

That's just my opinion. :pepelit: