I don’t think you do. Negative always exists everywhere. Do you think Twitter is clean right now the way it is? They banned the US President. I don’t care about Trump but the fact that they can ban a president from the platform is frightening. I am not saying trump is right. Yeah he did spread misinformation about the elections but I can’t help but be a little frightened that Twitter can just ban the views off the platform in a whim and that too forever.
No, I know exactly what im talking about. Twitter is a company, they can do whatever the fuck they want. The problem is, they are a social media platform, which is an advent for free speech. A company has the right to ban its users for breaking rules it sets. They didn't ban Trump for no excising free speech, he broke guidelines set by the company.

There is also a very thin, dangerous line between limiting free speech and allowing someone to spout dangerous rhetoric to millions of people who "want" to believe what they read.

I'm not arguing what is right or wrong, it just isn't that black and white like you believe.