okay i'll write a sentence about dragon's part here: Dragon came to wano to meet oden to know about true history of world but since he was dead, dragon decided to find history and act accordingly and his tattoo is symbol of his conviction(and luffy was born in Wano)

@Pantheos this is kinda like teaser of my theory, should I expand on it?
The Dragon coming to Wano part shares similarities to one of the theories posted here by @Fiji. So you're telling me that Luffy was born in a Wano already ruled by Orochi & Kaido?
Marco is not close to yonko/admiral tier. His attack (in combination with Vista as well) was treated like a mere annoyance and an admiral accepted to go against him and his whole group of WB pirates combined (Jozu excluded) and Crocodile, while trying to get to Luffy. Him and the other WB pirates were also destroyed by the BB pirates, people that just a year before were instantly running at the sight of an admiral.

Though his performance with Big Mom was definitely noteworthy.