News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

In reality bounties are useful mostly when talking about the same crew. They don't really translate across crews unless there is a massive disparity (like 2x the bounty).

Jack being 1 billion bounty at 28 was when Oda ruined the entire bounty system. Dude needs to cheat against base Dukes to win, but his bounty is 2x Don Chinjao's. Yeah ok Oda.
Anyways It kinda makes sense that Marco is lower than 1 bil. He and the WB pirates as a whole isn't the type to go around wrecking havok on civillians (if we go with the consistency with the bounties).
Still it would be kinda lame for the most hyped YC1 to be below 1bil :usoprice:
I can already see the shitshow that's gonna emerge if this is indeed the case :funky: