News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

The highest bounty for a commander up to date!!! Im glad it wasn't 1.33B and he is even above Marco, well really surprising me!!

WsW is 546 million
Sasaki is 472 million
BM is 480 Million
Ulti is 400 Million
Page One is 290 Million
Wow so BM really have more then Sasaki even if it very close. Ulti with such young age having 400mio is insane, Pageone 290mio make also sense. Wsw leading it with 546mio kinda expect it.

So Big mom top vets have higher bounties then WsW, both Snack and Pero have more then WsW which not surprising me, probably WsW is as I though at best a low YC4lvl or top vet lvl and below these guys and far behind Jack. So the most hype still get Kaido calamity. These guys bounty are insanse.

Sasaki,WsW and BM are older then Jack yet having at best 400-500mio worht bounty while Jack having 1B show already the difference in Gap!!!.

Overall happy with the bounties, ofc it would be nice if King had 1.4B but well 1.39 is also great xD.