News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread


To find the All Blue!
Btw, King's bounty not being 1.33B actually makes me think Sanji will get 1B+ this arc.
I thought he would give 1.10B to Zoro and 990M to Sanji, using just the difference from the bounties, and Sanji ALMOST getting 1B would be the gag this time.
It will probably just be Zoro passing him back.
I can live with that.:sanmoji:


To find the All Blue!
Surprised that Oda didn’t go for the 1.33 billion for King. At least this bounty is more reflective of the Zoro-Sanji strength gap. Sanji is close to Zoro, but not super duper close.

Also, with these bounties, we can safely say that the Beast Pirates ranking is indeed:

1. Kaido
2. King
3. Queen
4. Jack
5. Who’s Who
6. Sasaki
7. Black Maria
8. Ulti
9. Page One

Big L for all the haters saying that Maria was the weakest Flying 5. I told y’all that WsW, Sasaki, and Maria formed the “mid trio” of the Beast Pirates

Also, Big L for all the people saying Sasaki and Maria don’t have Haki
BM>Sasaki, buddy.
Like she deserves.