News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread


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I'm actually quite interested in black Maria due her being born in Wano.

I thought Kaido invaded Kaido then stayed there.
If so how she gained enough reputation to have the 2nd highest bounty in the F6.

When did she joined?

I want more data.
We know Kaido went on expeditions based on the Yamato/Ace flashback.
Page One couldn't even hit the $300 million threshold. That's some jurassic trolling right there. I kinda knew the Tobi Roppo bounties could not be too high considering they lose so easily to the SH. Shoutout to Black Maria for having the 2nd highest bounty and Robin getting the W. Oda legitimizing Robin's threat in the NW.

I'm not surprise at the gap between King's and Queen's bounty but was not expecting King's bounty to be higher than Marco's.
Those bounties are massive though. 3 of them are higher than Kid who for the most part the last 2yrs have been the gold standard of the worst gen supernovas. I mean for comparison most of WG supernova are yet to crack the 400m mark