News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread


To find the All Blue!
So with this info, my guesses for the other crews would be;

Jozu — 1.25B
Vista — 950M

Ben Beckman — 1.5B
Lucky Roo — 1.35B
Yassop — 1B
I HONESTLY think Shanks' crew is the only one with bounties over 1.5B, due to the fact that it was highlighted that their biggest asset is their crew's balance and all with high bounties. It sets them apart from the dynamics of other Yonkos' crews, and let them play by their own rules. Not that I expect any of them to go past 2B or anything.
@Echizen_Jo_Ndule King>Marco>Katakuri

And then it will be Beckmann/Shiliew>King>Marco>Katakuri

You need to come to tems with it.
:milaugh:any pirate truly above kata has coc , advanced haki : Luffy, Yonko, Ray, Oden...

What do Marco or King have?

I dont use bounty to scale people from different crews unless if both characters lack CoC, advanced , awakening

Katakuri: one of the Mightiest pirates, was said and shown as bigger threat than Linlin in wCI
King : ...

Nobody would ever have King or Marco above a Yonko in threat level or be called :Mightiest pirate