News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

Kaido is shorter than Jack and BM ?
Yeah, Kaido actually stood next to Jack on the performing stage one time, he's significantly shorter than Jack.
Kaido is close to Moria's height, which makes sense, but a good amount shorter than BM, which is a bit odd, since BM and Kaido look pretty close in height most of the time.
Izo has a higher bounty than every Tobiroppo except Who’s Who.

And WB has 15 guys with higher bounties than Izo, while Kaido and BM only have 3/4.

The Whitebeard Pirates were like 3 Yonko crews combined minus 2 Yonko.
We don't know that they all had higher bounties than Izo. Ace was the second division commander and had a bounty of 550 million, only 40 million more than Izo.
Oda have to make "Kaido is the current strongest" twice or even third times means OP fans denial is pretty strong :kobeha::kobeha:
I think regardless of this, this is a Shonen manga and the series isn't ending after Kaido lol.

Blackbeard will be "stronger", so will probably Akainu, Shanks and maybe Im in their own way. However Oda can explain this via powers/skills/techniques techniques they have.
when will zorotards realized 60 million berry is not huge gap that indicate zoro and sanji is closer each other.d they are dreaming so much .d.d we are much stronger than Luffy.d.d
The Bounties !

King is 1.39 billion
WsW is 546 million
Sasaki is 472 million
BM is 480 Million
Ulti is 400 Million
Page One is 290 Million
1.39 is pretty stupid, but at least it's not that 1.33 shit and Ndule was right saying Luffy has the highest non Yonko bounty, therefore capping all the YC below 1.5. Only Beckman might go in the 1.4xxx.

Kaido being 59 is interesting. It kinda puts him in between the old gen (WB, Roger, Meme) and the current gen though closer to the former.

King is 47 years old, 613 cm, grand line.
Queen is 56 years old, 612 cm, grand line.
The Okama is 56 already? :gokulaugh:
One Piece Magazine 6 said that King was the eldest out of the All Stars, but it turns out that Queen is the actual eldest lol.
Guess in that case they were talking about "standing" in the crew? It's clear the even though KQJ have the same rank KQ boss Jack around, and at the end of the day K calls the shot over Q when necessary as well. We've seen this during the raid tbh.
Interesting that Black Maria born in Wano Country.
Wut? And I guess she was born before the Orochi takeover? What a bitch!