News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

1.39 is pretty stupid, but at least it's not that 1.33 shit and Ndule was right saying Luffy has the highest non Yonko bounty, therefore capping all the YC below 1.5. it.

Kaido being 59 is interesting. It kinda puts him in between the old gen (WB, Roger, Meme) and the current gen though closer to the former.

The Okama is 56 already? :gokulaugh:

Guess in that case they were talking about "standing" in the crew? It's clear the even though KQJ have the same rank KQ boss Jack around, and at the end of the day K calls the shot over Q when necessary as well. We've seen this during the raid tbh.

Wut? And I guess she was born before the Orochi takeover? What a bitch!
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@Paperchampion23 I think a reason why the BMP Vets have higher bounties than the F5 is because the Vets have been in a Yonko crew for longer. The Vets were BMPs from the day they were born and therefore had a lot of time to rack up inflated bounties due to being in a Yonko crew. While the F5 weren’t in a Yonko crew for a majority of their lives. None were members of the BPs 20 years ago, while all the Vets were BMPs back then (and all of them but Snack would have been adults).

The fact that P1 has only a slightly smaller bounty than Oven and Daifuku, despite those two being twice P1’s age, does suggest that the BPs bounties would have been ahead of the BMPs bounties if they had been crew members for an equal time.

This doesn’t apply to King and Queen as much however since they have been members for 25 years. Jack is an oddball though
Ulti (22) : 400 million
Page One (20) : 290 million

Oven & Daifuku (48) : 300 million.

The dino siblings smoke these Katakuri rejects!:lulz:
You do realize that Daifuku and Oven probably don't leave Totto Land that much, and because of that they don't cause that much threat or even encounter the Marines.

Unlike the Tobi Roppo who don't need to stay in Wano and protect the place.


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The Bounties !

King is 1.39 billion
WsW is 546 million
Sasaki is 472 million
BM is 480 Million
Ulti is 400 Million
Page One is 290 Million
This was my take many months ago. It wasn’t completely off the mark but I saw WsW and Sasaki too high. And PO ….

[Who's Who] |760m]
[Sasaki] [630m]
[Black Maria] [500m]
[X Drake] [450m]
[Ulti] [410m]
[Page One] [400m]

Total : [3.15b]