News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

It also means that King was 25 when Shiki broke out. That King was 22 at the beginning of the dance and 27 during the Oden battle

For the Impel down believer Magellan also is 47 maybe it’s a sign
Man, I seriously refuse to believe this is a coincidence.
There sure is more of which we might see the truth in the next chapters.

King's bounty ain't bad but great either.
Perospero and Snack legit confirmed to be stronger than Who's Who and Sasaki/BM since Beast Pirates generally have higher bounty but these two are a clear exception in the Big Mom crew.
King's bounty is 5% higher than Queen makes sense
Like I said before, Zoro is stronger than Sanji, but not by that much. At full power, if Zoro is a 100 then Sanji is a 90-95.
Now watch further portrayal and what diff they each beat their opponents with before making baseless claims :goyea:

Anyhow, implying Sanji is an extreme diff to Zoro is about as absurd as treating Sanji like trash beneath Zoro's feet. Both opposite side of spectrum.
Was this your point?

I was responding to you calling Ulti like the strongest F6 and that her performance was only impeded by her “messing around”

I mean of course Big mom’s presence ensures we can’t scale her to like Nami or anything. That’s obvious.

But I also don’t see how she was messing around even before to somehow justify that she’s the strongest F6 because she was simply messing around with Nami before. She’s obviously stronger than Nami and anyone scaling her to Nami is just makin shit up.
I never calld Ulti one of the strongest F6. I just said that Ulti was strong, and that she'd be able to compete with guys like Apoo and Hawkins.

Who's Who looks like the most competent member of the flying six in terms of fighting ability.

By messing around I mean that she has a tendency to do silly things in her fights, like when she wanted Page One to save her.
Lets see Zoro fans will be not satisfied if Zoro have 1 bil bounty post Wano when Oda most likely make Sanji have 990 mil post-Wano. :crazwhat:
I don’t understand this, why do people think Zoro will have a lower bounty than King after wano?

Do you honestly believe Oda is gonna have Zoro beat King and then have a lower bounty than him?


To find the All Blue!
nah im pretty sure it will be 990

Reason #1 = Sanji's bounty so far always have 2 same digits number. 77,177,330. So the next is 990 kinda make sense.
Reason #2 = Its for gag purpose, 10 mil shy from 1 Billion bounty while Zoro will have 1 Billion bounty.
But I do wonder if he will do the SAME gag 2 increases in a row.
Franky had the "ooooh, so close to 100M".
Btw, Oda put A LOT of emphasis on the billion bounties. specially with Marco's "it's hard to hold off two enemies worth 1B".
That suggests me that Oda will make the entire M3 break that mark. Remember that, by Oda's standards, Sanji is probably gonna get the short end of the stick next arc, until he gets another massive 1v1 again.
Wait 2 arcs to make him 1B+? I'm inclined to think he won't do it.