News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

Anyone in 1.3bil range can extreme diff each other and beat anyone under 1.2b high diff
All the SHs will clear the bounties of the opponent they defeated IMO
Which will suck if you are Ussop and Brook :josad:
Brook's bounty will most likely be comparable with Franky and Robin's but expect Nami and Usopp to share the spoils for Ulti. Doesn't really make sense for Nami's bounty to be above Ulti's she hasn't earned it.

Post Wano Bounties (minus the M3) are looking sumin like this to me:
Jinbe: 570mil?
Robin: 530mil
Franky: 494mil
Brook: 483mil (not sure how but will prolly be sumin like this )
Usopp: 300mil? (not really sure what Oda does with Usopp tbf, maybe 400, since I predict Nami and Chopper will get a 200mil raise)
Nami: 266mil
Chopper: 200mil?