News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

Translation from Arabic Source.
  • Kaido was not alone when he was heading to Marineford and was stopped by red-haired pirates. King was with him.
  • Kaido is the most powerful creature in the world who hopes to destroy this boring world with ancient weapons, smiles and one piece.
  • seven defeats, 18 arrests and torture, and a suicide jump from 10 thousand meters.
  • it was mentioned in King’s card that he became a follower of Kaido because he admires his strength. [Brannew mentioned in Chapter 957 that Kaido has earned the respect of the fiercest pirates with his strength]
When it comes to Apoo's timeline, does it mention if he joined the Beasts Pirates before or after he entered Totto Land?
No mention of him infiltrating totland.
Before ?? - A bounty of 198mil is put on his head
Before 02 - Touches down on Shabondy as a Supernova
Before ?? - He goes under the umbrella of the beast pirates as an informant.
Before ?? - A bounty of 198mil is put on his head
Before 00 - Forms an alliance with Kidd and Hawkins
Before 00 - Goes an expedition with the Numbers to various places
Before 00 - Returns back to Onigashima in order to attend the Golden Kagura
Before 00 - Goes to war with the Ninja/Pirates/Minks/Samurai alliance on Onigahsima