News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

No mention of him infiltrating totland.
Before ?? - A bounty of 198mil is put on his head
Before 02 - Touches down on Shabondy as a Supernova
Before ?? - He goes under the umbrella of the beast pirates as an informant.
Before ?? - A bounty of 198mil is put on his head
Before 00 - Forms an alliance with Kidd and Hawkins
Before 00 - Goes an expedition with the Numbers to various places
Before 00 - Returns back to Onigashima in order to attend the Golden Kagura
Before 00 - Goes to war with the Ninja/Pirates/Minks/Samurai alliance on Onigahsima
So he Was an Informant ..... thats good considering he fight Drake now
Translation from Arabic Source.
  • Kaido was not alone when he was heading to Marineford and was stopped by red-haired pirates. King was with him.
  • Kaido is the most powerful creature in the world who hopes to destroy this boring world with ancient weapons, smiles and one piece.
  • seven defeats, 18 arrests and torture, and a suicide jump from 10 thousand meters.
  • it was mentioned in King’s card that he became a follower of Kaido because he admires his strength. [Brannew mentioned in Chapter 957 that Kaido has earned the respect of the fiercest pirates with his strength]
seems like Oden > yonko Shanks since kaido didnt faced Stronger enemy since Oden as he mention to Akayaza 9
It's not weird for Drake to not have an increase in bounty, he is a marine.
And we only know about him wiping out the 5 samurais from Amigasa Village.
So if we thing about it, he might not have participated in ransacking other islands in the NW or any other "bad" deed.

We don't even know if his current bounty is legit right now. Maybe the Navy fabricated it.