News One Piece: Vivre Card (Data book)-Discussion Thread

Zoro has CoC/ACoC. His haki knocked out people which is the main way Oda reveals character has CoC. Zoro acknowledged he has it against King and controlled it freely. Nobody should be questioning whether Zoro has CoC/ACoC or not.

The question is why didn't Oda classify Zoro as an official CoC user. I think the reasons id because the One Piece world doesn't know he has CoC. Being a conqueror's a big deal so he won't classify Zoro as one until it's real to the world. A currently onEgghead Island He has the perfect opportunity to reveal that power to the WG and marines.

There was never any evidence that Franky or Robin has CoA. Some just believe or hoped they possess that power.
It's because they teased it in the back doesn't have anything to do with op world next time they will list it