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Since all the strawhats cards are just alternate version, I'll just translate the gallery section(sketches)

Sketches of Luffytaro with OTama on his back. Early sketches have him wearing raincoat and sandogasa, with toothpick in his mouth, making him even more similar to "Kogarashi Monjiro"!

Since his design was already like a samurai, there wasn't that much new stuffs on his new design sketch, except for the knot on his head like a samurai.

Scene where her unwillingly accept the kunoichi outfit created from Kin'emon's ability and unpublished scene of her outfits.

Notes on him being assigned the job to gather forces for the raid and sketch of him wearing the armor for the raid were discovered.

The new design sketch of Sangoro basically just has a hair knot on his head in comparison to Sanji. But there was also a sketch of him posing with a long coat on his back.

Osoba Mask
Design arts of Osoba Mask, formerly known as Stealth Black. You can see a lot of thoughts were put into what the hairstyle gonna be like after he puts on raid suit.

It seems that riginally he was not a ninja but rather a Lord like design. Also includes design for his human form.

Her dignified beauty is the same even looking at the sketch. It looks like that there was originally going to be a scene where a grim Robin faces a woman that seems like Komurasaki.

Sketches of him in a craftsman happi coat and design of Minatomo's pattern were discovered. It was also confirmed from this design art that Kaido's headquarter Onigashima was originally going to be be call Ryu(dragon)gashima.

His design has the same usual outfit, it seems that it went through a lot of changes to become the yokai clothing he wears in the manga.

Link me the image and I can try... whatever I can figure out that is. :zorothink:
I can always help i u can't read something :)
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