News One Piece Volume 103 SBS Leaks

Pls do something to the people who ask those questions. Seriously retarded.
I have no doubt that there's staff vetting all the questions so that Oda gets easier ones. But I also firmly believe that the non-JP fanbase would ask a lot more useful questions for our understanding of what's going on in the story."teehee oda-san what's ___'s favourite food" is a shitty but common question they ask that's probably going to be answered in the Vivre Card or some other databook. We straight up don't know right now is Hawkins dead or alive or what happened to Drake and the Tobbi Roppo that weren't with King/Queen when they got Ryukugu'd? Why is everyone suddenly cool with Apoo now? I'm not even going to go on about plot holes like how Kin'emon survived a direct hit from Kaidou while Ashura Douji and Izo died to seemingly much less or why the Gorosei never went after Luffy since I'm sure none of that would be allowed to make the cut.
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