But is that confirmed? If so it is pretty lame.

Sanji runs around 'cause he doesn't want to wear the suit, Mid getting pegged by Meme and then Hawkins defeating himself lol. WTF.

Let's move to King and drop this jobbers.
Google translate :

* Title "Tower"

* Quinn's monologue about Sanji, who can't use the sword

Quinn: Once upon a time, Jersey said it!!

An "exoskeleton" for humans...!! Unusual “resilience”...!! 「Strength」...!!

And "the heart of ice" that doesn't feel anything!!!

* Sanji is perplexed by the change in her body and leaves the seat asking for time to think.

Quinn chases after Sanji and encourages her to wear a combat suit.

* Scene transition, a kid with a headache and on the verge of being beaten by a big mom

Kid, Law v.s Big Mom some battle scenes

* Cutaway, Killer v.s Hawkins

Kidd's head pain was caused by a headbutt by Hawkins.

There are a lot of conversations about this and that, but the killer has two questions..

Question 1

Killer: If you take unnecessary damage, where does that damage go?

Hawkins: All the damage I take goes to the Kid.

* Snatch Hawkins' left arm to the killer

Hawkins: Why was my arm amputated? Damage is all...

Killer: Kid doesn't have a left arm

Question 2

How many lives will you save if you remove Kid's straw doll...!?

Hawkins: Congratulations...!! That's the last.

* Hawkins draws a card called "Tower"

Over and over again about drawing cards related to the title.. Hawkins Defeat

"Tower" means "collapse of old things" hidden meaning "new road"

Killer: Go, partner!!

* No break in the next issue

TITLE: Left and Right

• Chapter continues from where we left off. Queen tries many weapons on Sanji. None of them is doing damage. Sanji hates his new power.
• Sanji's hair turns black.
• Killer vs Hawkins
• Killer tells Hawkins that he will just cut off his arm as Kidd doesn't have an arm.
• Hawkins is being protected by Beast Pirates subordinates.
• Big Mom is not damaged yet. Law and Kidd are tired.
• Law plans a combined attack. Law does his part. When Kidd was about to make a move, his right arm gets cut off. Law is shocked.
• We cut back to Killer and Hawkins. Hawkins makes fun of Killer for not knowing 'left' and 'right'.
• Tama is injured.
• Nami and Zeus defeats an entire floor of gifters all by themselves.
• Luffy vs Kaido
• Kaido is not in full strength as per Luffy
• Luffy punches Kaido's scar. Kaido remembers oden.
• The scar is open.

[No break next week]
Ayo oda what is this?

Zoro scars kaido.. he doesn't even think of Oden..

Luffy punches the scar.. he starts traumatizing