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Google translate :

* Title "Tower"

* Quinn's monologue about Sanji, who can't use the sword

Quinn: Once upon a time, Jersey said it!!

An "exoskeleton" for humans...!! Unusual “resilience”...!! 「Strength」...!!

And "the heart of ice" that doesn't feel anything!!!

* Sanji is perplexed by the change in her body and leaves the seat asking for time to think.

Quinn chases after Sanji and encourages her to wear a combat suit.

* Scene transition, a kid with a headache and on the verge of being beaten by a big mom

Kid, Law v.s Big Mom some battle scenes

* Cutaway, Killer v.s Hawkins

Kidd's head pain was caused by a headbutt by Hawkins.

There are a lot of conversations about this and that, but the killer has two questions..

Question 1

Killer: If you take unnecessary damage, where does that damage go?

Hawkins: All the damage I take goes to the Kid.

* Snatch Hawkins' left arm to the killer

Hawkins: Why was my arm amputated? Damage is all...

Killer: Kid doesn't have a left arm

Question 2

How many lives will you save if you remove Kid's straw doll...!?

Hawkins: Congratulations...!! That's the last.

* Hawkins draws a card called "Tower"

Over and over again about drawing cards related to the title.. Hawkins Defeat

"Tower" means "collapse of old things" hidden meaning "new road"

Killer: Go, partner!!

* No break in the next issue
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* Scene transition, a kid with a headache and on the verge of being beaten by a big mom

Kid bro...
Dw dw hevs about to awaken
Is it to much of a wild guess for you?
I think it's pretty fitting.
Loooool yeah right. Kid and Luffy are pig headed and always try to bite off more than they could chew. The two most reckless SN. The result was the former getting his arm sliced off by a Red Haired Pirate. It's no wonder they both ended up Udon together:pepeke:

* 제목 "타워"

* 칼이 안 통하는 상디에 대한 퀸의 독백

퀸 : 옛날에 저지가 말했지!!

인간에게 「외골격」을...!! 평범하지 않은 「회복력」을...!! 「완력」을...!!

그리고 아무것도 느끼지 않는 「얼음의 마음을」!!!

* 상디는 몸의 변화에 곤혹스러워 하고 생각할 시간을 달라며 자리에서 이탈

퀸이 상디를 쫓으며 전투 슈트를 입으라고 부추김..

* 장면 전환, 머리에 통증을 느끼며 빅 맘에게 당할 위기에 처한 키드

키드, 로 v.s 빅 맘 일부 전투 장면

* 장면 전환, 킬러 v.s 호킨스

키드의 머리 통증은 호킨스가 박치기를 해서 생긴 것.

이런저런 주절대는 대화 많은데 생략, 킬러는 두 가지 질문이 있음..

1번쨰 질문

킬러: 만약 네가 오갈 데 없는 데미지를 당하면, 그 데미지는 어디로 가지?

호킨스: 내가 입는 데미지는 다 키드한테로 간다.

* 킬러에게 호킨스 왼팔 싹둑

호킨스: 왜 내 팔이 잘렸지? 대미지는 전부...

킬러: 키드한테 왼팔은 없다

2번쨰 질문

키드의 짚인형을 제거하면 앞으로 몇 명의 목숨이 너를 지키지...!?

호킨스: 축하한다...!! 그게 마지막이다.

* 호킨스가 "타워"라는 카드를 뽑음

제목과 관련된 카드 뽑기에 대한 주절주절.. 호킨스 패배

"타워" 그 뜻은 「낡은 것의 붕괴」 숨겨진 뜻 「새로운 길」

킬러: 가라, 파트너!!

* 다음 호 휴재 없음

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Sanji leaves the fight, Hawkins draws a bad card, killer wins.
thats the chapter.