Which WAIFU is superior

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Mod protection alert and probably Sanji stan reporting snitching.

Tried to get panda banned bec he kept reporting me when I made tried to make ZKK bets with him and mods be like nahhhhh we must use all of our assets to protect him LOL
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Is this true? @RayanOO @TheAncientCenturion @Reborn @MonsterZoro
You guys use all your mod funds to protect Panda?
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Thanks bro

I can’t wait for the Kid greatness
Kid and greatness dont belong in the same sentence lmao
You guys will be alright following nonsense Youtube dudes, as they know Oda'd mind or something. :kaidowhat:
Why didnt i get a notification for this. :kriwhat:
Also you are right most OP Youtubers are downright bad. But i like Rogersbase's streams he is the only youtuber i find his streams entertaining. I dont need any other reason than this.

sanjibros.....we are FUCKED