1037 : 오니와 원숭이

챕터는 루피와 카이도의 충돌로 시작됩니다.

CP0는 루치에게 올스타가 패배했다고 보고한다.

키자루는 고로세이에게 말을 걸고 있다.

고로세이는 키자루에게 와노를 인수할 준비를 하라고 말한다.

"그 괴물 카이도가 과거에 당신에게 두들겨 맞았으니 보르살리노에게는 문제가 되지 않을 것입니다."
Legit. Open the thread! :crazwhat:
Title: I don't have much time

- Luffy and Kaido are fighting fiercely.

- Yamato arrives at the location of the bomb

- - Yamato learns that Kanjuro's 'Kazenbo' is approaching with the screams of people getting louder and louder.

- In the fight between Raizou and Fukurokuju, Fukurokuju's clothes are also on fire.

The two ninjas barked in pain.

- - Law and Kid use their awakening ability again to attack the gigantic Big Mom.

- Big Mom also vomits blood and has shortness of breath. Law and Kid also prepare for the final blow. *

- Luffy and Kaido again / Luffy, who was fighting Kaido, suddenly closes his eyes and stops moving.