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Shimotsuki Ghostly

Loving this new OP arc.
I think that's pretty far fetched. His silhouette looks nothing like Zoro and there is nothing else about him that really supports the idea. I even went and read the wiki entry about him just to be sure. Seems really unlikely.
It's because Green Bull is his nickname. Ushimaru had a Green Bull on his cloak and his name has bull (Ushi) in it.

I don't think he's Ushimaru anymore but he could be his son and thus Zoros father potentially.

Somehow this may parallel Helmeppo and Morgan too somehow potentially or maybe not lol.
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So banquet after Ryokugyu shows up?
Would be hilarious of he just shows up to get fed somehow. A sort of Fujitora sequence intro where they think he's a friendly, random, harmless guy until he reveals himself lol.

He said he would eat again when a beautiful woman served him IIRC and he hasn't eaten in years too apparently...