It is, no two ways about it. Marco was given that portrayal while the awakened DF + COC user Katakuri wasnt.
Can you just show me the page or panel of them saying katakuri isn't yonko candidate material? Is it in the spoilers?

Do you also got the page of them confirming the new yonkos and how they decided too?

Yeah just tell me what page its on
he isn't just strong enough ray said CoC will become stronger with user its not trainable if you are strong enough and have CoC you can use it even if you don't know much about it like yamato or you don't even know you had CoC like zoro

Few Among strongest have AdCoC you need to be among strongest and have CoC
People like kata doffy and chinjao simply aren't strong enough and other that are strong enough Don't Have CoC
so. , we said same thing why reply me :) you need to reply the one who see katakuris great potential :)
Why are you only taking bounty into account from what he said. King and Queen were potrayed constantly together before their fights...

Queen literally knocked Big Mom out and had her captured with his own physical might....thats far more impressive than kicking down an already airborne ship.
Big Mum didnt even had a scratch. He just had luck because Big Mum had her amnesia problems and fell down because of this lol

who calls this KnockOut when she was standing after?

reference: Manga 947, P.13