Man the copium from Buggy being a yonkou is out of this world :snoopy:
I can understand tho, even Fujitora getting his skull broken by Lindbergh wouldn't be 1/10 of the humiliation Oda has been giving to the yankers lately. Two emperors dying to magma wasn't enough apparently, the author had to rub even more salt to the wound with this chapter.
Oda is absolutely merciless:steef:
Why? Just because Oda added a gag scene between Zoro and Sanji which is most likely brotherly banter. Oda added a whole lot of Hiyori and Zoro scenes in the wood etc. He saved Hiyori two times, even slept with her and let her feed and heal him.
Because i just dont like them together or think thier relationship is all that interesting at all
Id rather zoro end up with just about anyone else