Which WAIFU is superior

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This was my Bounty Prediction before the Spoilers.
Luffy 3.5-3.9B
Zoro 1.63-1.73B
Law 1.8-1.9B
Kid 1.77-1.87B
Sanji 1.33-1.43B
Killer 700-950B
Jinbe 640-900B
Robin 750-1B
Franky 400-550B
Nami 110-250B
Usopp 300-400B
Brook 150-300B
Chopper 250-450B (If they see his true strength)

(Reason for Laws and Kids Bountys below 2B is that BB is a Yonko himself and only has 2.2B he achived crazy things in a short Time more impressive than what Law and Kid have done by barely sending Big Mom in a 2v1 out of the Island without even KOing her and still BB had only 2.2B. Thats why i had Law and Kid close to 2B)

After the Spoilers if True my Predictions for Laws and Kids Bounty is

Law: 2B 50Million
Kid: 2B 47Million