Shimotsuki Ghostly

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It was from a "former friend". He tried to kill me after he had severe mental episode 6 years ago. The youth charity/autism support group we were from blamed me despite me being the wounded one and knowing he was mentally unstable and showing signs of potential violence and definite aggression. We had a few members physically assaulting others blatantly including one guy going around literally punching people and I had to hide the vulnerable members from him until others restrained him down, actual psychotic episodes and even rumours of multiple rapes which my "lovely group leader" who totally won't turn out to be another Jimmy Saville/Rolf Harris/Ian Watkins/Prince Andrew kept blaming the girls for being shit stirrers/false accusers and such, without giving them a chance and investigating it.

Theres no other kind for me right now except constant gaslighting and mental/emotional abuse thats all.

I dont have the capacity to "get out of here" without unironically going homeless and falling prey to any and all kinds of abusers, traffickers, killer and such out there.

There are plenty of days where I had wish I had trusted my dads side of the family who i've not seen in 15 years by that point and just taken them and even my dad on their offer to house me, let me live with them and get away from here. I had no idea if I could trust them but if I had ANY idea of what I would go through since then, I would have said yes without hesitation instead and never looked back.